Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Night Approaches

Blogging has been put on the back burner as school and work have overtaken my life. But lately, the burning has been in my spirit...a fire shut up in my bones. This was written on another sleepless night as I pondered the fate of this fallen world...it poured out from the depths and I pray that it ministers life to those who are perishing.

Night Approaches

Wheels of lightening carry the Lord God upon His chariot of Thunder.
He rattles the heavens as He searches the souls of men -
Seeking from among them those whom He considers faithful.

Who among you will be faithful to the God who creates or destroys at His command?
And yet, in His very presence, the people eat, drink and are merry,
Living their lives and saying, “But there is no God!”
Fools who wait upon nothing, buying and selling at every whim,
As though this is the foundation of their salvation and
They risk their children’s souls upon it.

You fill your pleasures daily in futile and vain attempts to fill your empty hearts
Your pockets are lined with greed and self-intent while the poor go hungry
And the widow’s needs are unmet.

Who will stand in the wrath to come-or who will hear the coming of the Lord?
He who speaks the truth without wavering-
Who does not sit idle wondering when another will fill the needs upon the earth.

For surely as He rattles the heavens, He will rattle men’s hearts with fear
On that great and terrible day when the trumpet overtakes the air
And the multitudes of the earth fall to their knees
Declaring the glory of the Lord.

Who will be able to stand in His presence?
On that day, the earth will tremble and the hearts of the ones
Who were thought to be mighty will be humbled and shaken?

And there you stand in the darkness, proclaiming, “Look, it is day!”
And you bring the young ones with you
Who, like city tourists, look up into the night
And yet agree with you in their unknowing.

They use the Master’s Plan to line their bird’s cages
Or sit like a forgotten trophy upon the shelf that
No more reminds them of the victories in the midst of battle
Or triumph over the enemies they now gratefully serve.

How long will you chose to be feeble-minded?
Filling yourselves with tales of deception
Spoken by false teachers whose words are like honey?
You lick your lips to drink their poison
Until you fall down dead from it
Or you stumble in a drunken stupor from the liquor
Of lies and compromise.

Fools that you are! Where is the wisdom you know saved you
From the pit or how is it that you have yet to get understanding?
You puff yourselves up with knowledge that bears no fruit
While the world suffers from your lack.

You study and yet do not believe.
You divide the Word among yourselves-
Taking only what soothes and discarding reproof or correction that brings life.

You are like a tree refusing the pruning knife
Or wheat that holds onto its chaff.
You are like a garden whose weeds overtake the vine
And when the gardener returns to it, he sees the unfruitful vine
And cuts it down with the weeds
Destroying it together because it refused to be separated.

How long can I deny the fire shut up within me?
Men have convinced me to douse it with their muddied waters
And yet it has burned on until I can no longer turn away.
I can no longer be among those who convince themselves
That the muddied waters bring life
Like the Dead Sea, they hoard for themselves priceless treasures
Which are useless in the pool of their selfish desires.
Although they are filled, there is never enough to restore life.

Exhort one another in the light of the day-
While the sun still rises and sets in its course.
For a day is coming and approaching in increasing measure
When it shall rise no more and only His lightening will fill and shake the skies.

Hesitate no more and see that your souls
and the souls of your neighbor find salvation.
For night approaches and the sun will refuse to rise
And the light of the moon will grow dim.
Then will His lightening break through the darkness
And His thunder crash through the heavens
Declaring His glory to all the earth-
Declaring His might and His power.

And still the sons of men deny Him and turn to their own devices-
Like spoiled children seeking nothing but their own
When their end is everlasting darkness
And their children with them.