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Keeping Your Dog Safe on the Fourth of July

This is a PUP-lic service announcement! Happy Fourth of July to you and your dog!  If you have dogs, you may know that more dogs run away and are lost on the Fourth of July than any other day of the year. The noises are terrifying to them, coupled with the sights and smells of the fireworks. Running away is a defense mechanism that does not work well. As they bolt, more fireworks may be set off, frightening them in the wrong direction, disorienting them, and driving them further away from home. There are things you can do to keep your sweet furry family members safe. They're mostly common sense, but well worth mentioning if they prevent even one of our dogs from getting lost. From my own experience and some homework, here are eight things you can do. Feel free to add anything else in the comments for us! 1. Even if your yard is well fenced in, walk your dog with a leash as long as fireworks will be potentially set off in your area. Even small dogs can miraculously leap over high …

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