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Merry and Bright

Bear with me--it will take me a minute to get to IT. And I want you to get IT.

It’s taken me half a century to understand this simple truth about the way I see others. If I look at you and criticize, mock, or have a negative reaction or opinion of you in any way for what you just did or said, how you look or dress, your opinions, your political viewpoint, your religion, race, or really any other reason, I’ve revealed two things about myself.

One-I’ve just broadcast the level of my self-esteem. I’ll just leave that there...

Two-I’ve exposed the fact that I have very little understanding of the One who gave up a throne where He was seated at the right hand of God come into the world in the most humble way imaginable for the King of Kings.

If I truly get it—why Jesus bothered to come at all, why He gave up so much, I would only be able to see you through His eyes of compassion and grace.

At this time of year, it’s easy to leave out the reality of Jesus’s sacrifice. We love the story …

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