The Chase

The chase is on. Tommy Tenney talks a great deal about God's hide and seek game with us. He doesn't hide so He cannot be found. He hides so He CAN be found, and loves the game like a father playing with his child. He sometimes hides so he can be easily found, and sometimes hides so that the child cannot find him. The child becomes frustrated, gives up, and the father sneaks up behind the child--the child runs, and the father becomes the chaser!

If you feel like He is no where to be found, continue to search Him out! Seek Him while He may be found...His loving pursuit of YOU has been relentless...

The Chase

I follow my Beloved
Into His garden
But I cannot find Him
For He hides Himself with glee

My pursuit is relentless
My desperation heightens
Until I spot Him fleeing
As He looks back at me!

"Come up higher!"
He laughs and prances
He looks at me and dances
And I follow in despair

When suddenly, He sneaks up on me
Now my Beloved is chasing me!


  1. I see that. The joy is unspeakable to be in His Presence in that way.


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