The KEY to Success

When my children were little, they had the habit, like most children, of deciding they did not like a food put before them based on what it looked like, regardless of the fact that they had never tried it before. So, I instituted something called “The Try-Me Club.” In order to be a member, they had to at least try a small bite of the food in question, and if they really didn’t like it, they didn’t have to eat anymore. It was amazing how many times they would take a bite and find out that they actually liked it! Of course, there were times that noses would wrinkle in disgust as well, but the fact that they tried kept them card-carrying members of the club!

Well, I have a wonderful adult friend who also has a habit of not liking a food based on looks alone. While we were out to dinner with a group of friends, I offered him a membership to the Try-Me Club! And he bit! Literally! We were at an Italian restaurant, and with my goading, he bravely tried a stuffed mussel, scungelli, and veal francese. He took each bite without hesitation, but with grace and a smile! I was so proud of him, so much so that he may not only be a member of the Try-Me Club, I might make him the president! (By the way, he also firmly refused to try anything he’s had before and knew he didn’t like, or felt was too unhealthy.)

And you know I have to find a spiritual twist to this! So, here it is. In this journey that we are on, there are often opportunities put before us of new and different experiences. Most of us don’t like change. It can be disconcerting to leave our comfort zones and venture into the unknown. And yet, it is in these places that I believe we truly find out God’s plan and purpose for our lives. Having experienced stepping into the unknown realms, I’ve discovered that God moves with us, and is not a bully, forcing us to do something we don’t feel ready for. If we don’t move, He will allow us to remain right where we are, but if He is leading, it would be to our detriment to stand still and not follow. As we boldly take steps into those places where He leads us, we learn that we are actually good—even anointed there, and discover the gifts and talents God has placed in us for His glory and the building of His kingdom. (Remember, if you have an anointing, gift or talent, it is not for YOU…it is for someone else!)

Personally, I have left my comfort zones many times, and in doing so have found that I can lead worship, sing solos, produce and direct plays, speak publically, and minister to people in traumatic circumstances. I would have never believed I could do any of those things if I remained where my flesh wanted to stay and where my head told me I should stay!
And sometimes, we might even misstep and go into a venture that He wasn’t exactly directing. As our loving Father, He is still blessed by our boldness to step out in faith and try something new. If the venture does not succeed, the good news is that one more door is closed, and our essential direction becomes clearer. (Forgive the many metaphors!!!)

The KEY to success is this; take a bite today of something you’ve never tasted before. You may discover that you love it, or you may find it is not something you would try again. Either way, you have taken a step closer to the ultimate goal of living the life that God has designed specifically for you!

Psalm 34:8 Oh, taste and see that the LORD is good; blessed is the man who trusts in Him!

Proverbs 3:5-6 Trust in the LORD with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths.


  1. Yes!! Once again, Oswald is hitting on these points in his devotional, he says, "It is no use to wait for God to help us, he will not; but immediately we arise we find that He is there." and, "Never let the sense of failure corrupt your new action." Like we've talked about before, you have to seize divine moments; there's a whole world on the other side of them if we just take the step! The Spirit isn't about monotony, it's about spontaneity.
    I'm the definitely digging the quick turnaround in putting a spiritual twist on last night's explorations. Please keep writing these because when you think about it, nobody is going to be worse off after reading these; you're either further edified or indifferent. Glad that you're letting it rip, it's a true blessing for us.

  2. Hey Kath, another gem! I've been told that success is just a series of failures, and you don't truly succeed until you first truly fail. Yet, it all starts with making yourself vulnerable to do things that you've never done before. We all want to be comfortable, but first, I believe that we need to make ourselves uncomfortable in order to reach that desired state of comfort, and it all starts with taking risks; or joining the "try me club". Ps-You really kept your end of the deal!! Impressive!!


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