To This We Were Called

Having heard some of the worst stories yet in the past few weeks, and working with the young ladies who have endured such experiences has broken my heart. Truly. I see the aftermath of what sin has wrought in these girls who should have been having a summer blast with their friends before going back to school in the fall. Instead, they are in a place where they are trying to make sense out of what makes no sense. They are still trying to survive the pain, the fear, the turmoil of these experiences. As children, do we really expect them to have the tools to manage?--as adults, we sure wouldn't. Anyway, I just wrote this heart is that Christians wake up and rise to the challenge of ministering the way Jesus expects us to. We must remember (preaching to self) that He does not call those who are equipped, He equips those that He calls. If each of us steps out to GO and to DO as Jesus commanded, imagine the difference we would make together...

To This We Were Called

It was dark, she was not alone
When she first faced the worst in humanity
She cried out in the night, tried to put up a fight
But was beaten with no one to save her

She was bound and a prisoner to unspeakable evil
No human should ever endure
She was a baby when they hurt and abused her
Did anyone hear her cry out for God and her mommy?

God, please help me! Where are You, God?
My grandma said You hear us when we call.
Am I that bad? Don’t You love me?
I guess I’m the one You won’t answer at all
I don’t think You hear me when I call.

Although time has passed, they said time heals all wounds
But she’s still held a prisoner to the fear and the pain
She awakens from nightmares, drenched in tears
Being alone in the dark brings back the terror

God, won’t You help me? Where are You, God?
My grandma said You’d never leave or forsake us.
Was I so bad? Am I unlovable?
I don’t know You’re really there at all.
I don’t think You hear me when I call.

How will she ever be delivered from this evil
No human should ever endure?
Does anyone hear her cries in the night
As she is drowning in pain and in fear?

Isn’t it to this WE were called?
Didn’t God send us to be the ones with His Spirit
To set the captives free and bind up the broken
To go to those who are life’s prisoners?

Isn’t it to this we are called?
It’s through us that the Father can say,
“My child, yes! I hear you!I’ve been with you and heard every cry.
I hold every tear right here in my hand.”

“I love you with an everlasting love
I’ve never left you, I’ve never forsaken you
I ‘m here to redeem you, to restore and heal you
And to bring you life once again”

Isn’t it to this we were called?
You and I have a choice to make
We can shake our heads and say,
“What a terrible shame! As we walk away
Or do what Jesus said we should do
And minister love in someone’s pain.

This is that to which we were called
The challenge is yours to leave or to take
God isn’t asking you to fix the whole world
He’s asking You to step out in faith.

There’s a child at this moment
Crying out in the dark,
Wondering if anyone can hear her or knows she’s there
Or is God really listening like they said He would
Is she beyond where God can reach her?

It is to this we were called.


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