Super Bowl's Dirty Little Secret

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The Super Bowl is an annual all-American tradition. However, it holds a dirty little secret. Each year, the Super Bowl is more than a magnet for sports fans. It is also a place where exploiters import thousands of American slaves from across the nation. Children as young as eleven years old who have been kidnapped, brutalized, and abused are brought to the sports event's site and commercially sexually exploited. Yeah, the pimps know that it's a gold mine opportunity for them. They stand to make thousands upon thousands of dollars from a world whirling with beer-filled men away from home.

It's easy to turn away from this travesty. To say, "Tsk, tsk, what a shame!" and do nothing. But there is something every one of us can do, and it takes seconds.

Just sign the petition to the Super Bowl Host Committee and ask this multi-million dollar organization to support the "I'm Not Buying It" campaign! It's the least we can do to protect our daughters, sons, nieces, granddaughters, and neighbors. The very least we can do...

On behalf of every little girl in America, thank you!


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