Master Procrastinator

I'm a master at procrastination. I've worked at it for years! (Decades, if I'm honest about it!) In fact, I've prided myself in the art, and have often said my best work is done in the 11th hour when the pressure is on. And there have been those moments that I've burned the midnight oil working on what was due in only a few hours. Brag as I might, those moments are miserable, aren't they?

Oh come on! You know what I'm talking about because you've done it too! We might laugh about it after the fact, but the truth is, THOSE MOMENTS ARE MISERABLE!

Well, maybe I've finally broken the bad habit of putting off what should already be is Friday. I had a final in one class, and four posting assignments due in another by midnight on Sunday. And guess what? They are all done. Got a 100% on the final and I posted the required four responses and added two more! (AW-if you're reading this, I of diminishing returns. I'm working on it! One thing at a time!)

Now I can actually enjoy the weekend! After actually being able to attend a women's meeting at church tomorrow morning, I'll have the day with my family, including my grandson. (Whose company I missed last week because of last minute school work!)

Tomorrow is supposed to be a beautiful, sunny day, and I intend to enjoy every single moment of it...followed by another great day on Sunday with no pressure or stress to get work submitted on time.

There's something to be said about getting stuff done well before it's due. This could be the new me! So far, I'm liking it!


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