My Right to Choose

This piece was written by my friend, Rae Rabinowitz and reposted here with her permission. It speaks loudly for itself and answers a very common question regarding abortion and the "right to choose."

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          This elephant is getting too heavy to carry around anymore...Five years ago, I left an incredibly abusive situation. Seven years ago, I found myself at the beginning of said abusive situation.
          In my eyes, it was never and will never be a relationship. For a period of two years, I was raped daily. These daily assaults on my body resulted in two pregnancies. And those two pregnancies were terminated by abortion.
I justified both abortions to myself by saying "I have to do this because it was not my choice to have sex", "I have to do this because I don't want to be reminded of the things that this horrible man did to me", "I have to do this because I don't want this monster to be the father of these children and put them in harms way by bringing them into this world."
          I can tell you that going through with these abortions did not ease my troubled mind. They did not erase what this man had done to me or the internal scars I carry. And in fact, they added an extra burden for me to carry around. An extra burden to bear and an extra trauma to endure (physically, mentally, and emotionally).
          They say that hindsight is 20/20.. this would be definitely one of those times. If I knew then what I know now about how I would feel today and having to overcome not just two years of daily assault but choosing to end the life of two innocent little children.. I would tell you that it's much much harder than it should be. I grieve for those two little lives snuffed out by my choice. Especially now that I am a mother.. I look at my son and say "How could I have possibly done this not once but twice?!" They had not asked to be here or be conceived. They had nothing to do with the monster he was. But they certainly paid for his crimes. And I'm paying for them too.
          Truth be told, this is difficult for me to put out there like this.. but in some ways it's not. I'm not trying to invoke sympathy or sorrow for me. I don't want that. I simply want to give those who have opinions on this topic (abortion) an honest perspective. My own personal perspective on the subject...I wanted to give you a face to the "it's a woman's right to choose when she is raped."
          And I just want to let any of you who read this know that if I could go back, I would have seen both pregnancies through and birthed those babies. Because those babies deserved to have a beautiful life elsewhere with parents who loved them... even if it meant my own life for them to be here.


  1. Awesome Rae.
    God has you in His hands.
    You are such a strong woman.
    The world needs this testimony!!

  2. I just wanted to thank you for posting this and thank Rae for being willing to write and share it. Melinda V.

  3. Very powerful. Esther PB

  4. wow amazing.. i agree with esther very powerful! Jovana R.

  5. LOVE IT!!!! I hope more people read this!!! Tiffany B.

  6. all peoples stories both pro and anti abortion should be heard by any girl/woman facing the choice so as and educated decision can be made.. what's good for one might not be good for another.. I wouldn't judge anyone's decision..Elaine B.

  7. Women - like any man - should have full control over their bodies. But there are natural and unremarkable values that must be upheld in our exercise of such rights. Namely that in our exercise of our rights no other human life is harmed or killed. Johnny B.

  8. There's also a deeper sacred bond between mother and her young that must be emphasised at all levels and at all times. Women should not be mislead into thinking that killing off their offspring solves anything. All abortion is, is the medical industry attempting to carve out another lucrative market for itself. It has no problem defiling the scared bond between mother and child to achieve this monetary end. Johnny B.


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