For All the Single Ladies

Single ladies, this one is for you. Do you have a strong desire to meet that person you can spend the rest of your life with? Allow me several tips from my own experiences. First, learn to balance picky-ness with settling. In other words, no one is perfect, don't expect a man to be. Expect him to be perfect for you! Don't settle for less than the best for you. Second, don't settle because someone pays attention to you. That may feel good, but that does not necessarily mean this is the one for you. Next, how does your friend treat his mom (or grandmother or significant woman in the family)? Pay special attention to that one.

Visit his apartment or house and see how he takes care of it. Is it a disaster or is it so perfect you wonder if you should take your shoes off at the door? Is he demanding? Does he get angry or frustrated easily? Is he so easy-going that you wonder if there's a backbone in that handsome body?

I say all this to tell you that desperation for a spouse is not a good reason to accept into your life the first man who comes along. Take your time.
Most importantly, take note how he treats you when you're happy. When you're down and need an emotional boost. When you feel like being alone. When you need him. When you just want to walk quietly and enjoy his company. Please don't rush into a forever commitment. Pray. Fast. Be sure you know that you know. Don't allow attention and infatuation to determine the rest of your life. And it should be the rest of your life! Don't settle for less than the best! You deserve that!

I Wish I Could Fall in Love
Kathy Lebron
(c) 2012

I wish I could fall in love

I wish I could feel those uncomfortable butterflies

And tears stinging my eyes from hope of falling

Helplessly over myself at the thought of someone

On my mind day and night

I wish I could fall in love

I wish I could feel the way young lovers feel

The pain of having to wait for the moment

When their eyes meet and the stars shine brighter

And their hearts are lighter when they are together

I wish I could fall so painfully in love

I wish I could know that someone was truly mine

And I was truly his, that forever-knowing deep inside

That this was meant to be from the beginning of time

To the end of eternity

It’s too late for me, so I pass my wish to you

For all the love you can feel is true

In the depths of your heart and the depths of your soul

To have a love that will never grow cold but

Stays like a warm blanket on a winter night

I wish for you those butterflies when you think of him

And tears of joy that sting your eyes

When your eyes meet the one you’re hopelessly

And helplessly thinking about day after day

And night after night

I wish for you that ache inside

As every lyric of every song brings him to mind

And you’re reminded of him everywhere you look

In every book, every sunset, every store window display

Until you think you’ll lose your head some way

I wish for you to find the one who cares enough

To share your laughter and allay your fears

Who dries your tears but never causes them

He’ll be your prince and you’ll be his treasure

Together there will be nothing you can’t conquer

I wish for you those moments of pain

Thinking, “When will I get to see him again?”

Knowing in your heart that he’s the one

That was meant to be yours from the beginning of time

To the end of eternity

I wish for you unimaginable love

That starts like a raging fire and slowly turns

To glowing embers that warm your days

And fill your nights for the rest of your life

This is my wish and my prayer for you, my child

That you would never settle for anything less

Than one true love you know is yours from the depths of your heart

This place of wonder where your journey will start

And where your search will end

With a forever love, and your forever friend

I wish this for you with all that I am

And I’ll rejoice as you seek and discover

Experiencing the joy of falling in love

God’s answer from above to fill your life and longing

Like I’ve never had, but it’s your time, and it's yours for the taking


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