Turkeys Abounding

Turkey's Abounding on a Bird-Flipping Morning

On my way to work in the morning, there’s a congested left turn where, if the on-coming traffic is consistently making a right, there’s room to make a sharp left turn into the left lane of the street to the left. (Did you get that?)
This morning, there was one car in front of me as I waited to make that left turn. The woman seemed hesitant to make the turn without the green arrow. So although she could have made it several times, she chose to wait, and I consciously did not push her by either honking my horn, or even seeming annoyed in any way. Instead, I figured some people don’t like taking such a risk, and let her wait for the next green light and arrow. As I patiently waited behind her, she suddenly threw her hands up as though she was flustered and annoyed. I just figured she had someone else in the car with whom she was upset. But no. She looked into her rear view mirror, caught my eyes, and flipped me a morning bird!
With mouth agape, I said aloud, “What in the world was THAT for?” Now I was perturbed, but instead of retaliating, I started to pray for her-realizing she was not having a good morning, and I was her scapegoat…I guess!
The light changed, and I just continued into the turn after the woman. No rushing her from the back; no return birds or anything of the nature. I just prayed for her and figured she was an unhappy camper. WELL…as we approached a store strip mall, she prepared to make a right turn into it, and as she did so, opened her window, thrust her arm out, and flipped me another bird as I passed!!! Now I was laughing out loud! “Who in the world pee’ed in your cornflakes this morning? Maybe you should go back home and start again because this morning is clearly not working for you!” I said aloud laughing as I drove by.
A part of me was indignant. But the better of me kept me laughing out loud. Literally! Then as I came to the end of that very long and somewhat busy street, a large, wild turkey lunged out into the traffic, which immediately came to a halt in both directions. Along came a man riding a Kelly-green bicycle from the opposite direction from mine. The turkey turned and gave chase as the rider pedaled furiously! At this point, I was hysterical and found it hard to drive!
I know I can make all kinds of philosophical and spiritual associations with all of this, but I really don’t want to. I just wanted to share it with you and hope you got a good laugh out of it like I did. I actually thought to myself, “This is so bizarre, maybe I’ll wake up and find out it was a dream.” But it wasn’t. It was just a bird-flipping morning!


  1. The way I see it, the woman wanted you to honk because she has difficulty choosing and is of the type that needs someone to make decisions for her. When you didn't honkingly encourage her, she obviously became angry.

  2. I loved it, the turkey was over the top. I don't think I could have composed myself for a while. I need your route to work, mine is boring. Debbie L.


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