Letter to Sandy Hook

There is a wonderful site set up for you to write to the families at Sandy Hook. It is a blessing as it serves several purposes. We must understand that the road ahead of the families who have lost loved ones is a long one they must endure. Their journey with grief is just beginning, and as the world around them continues to spin and people begin to forget and go on with their lives, they must deal with the quiet. The pain. The reminders. The birthdays. The holidays. So many memories behind them and the quest to find ways to live one day at a time without that precious smile they loved so much.

Writing to the families is a way for us to express how we feel. We've grieved with those who have been grieving and cried with those who've cried. It also gives us the ability to write a note from our hearts to let the families know they are not alone. And as they begin to deal with their pain, some will want to read those notes of kindness from around the globe. Some will never be able to do so. But for the ones who need to know we are there for them, we have this opportunity to pour our love out in words.

So, go to the link below, if you are so inclined, and share your love with them. A poem you've written, or just a few lines to say you care and you're still praying for them and thinking of them will be a healing balm on open wounds. On their behalf, thank you!



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